ILS (Integrated Listening Systems)

What is ILS?

ILS programs integrate music, movement, breathing, meditation, and language exercises to improve brain function.This multi-sensory approach stimulates the visual, vestibular and auditory systems at the same time, desensitizing unhelpful responses and creating new neural pathways that “rewire” the brain and nervous system.

What Does ILS Help With?

ILS is a therapy used with children who have developmental delays or sensory sensitivity, as well as with children and adults who have a brain injury or degenerative neurological disease. It improves concentration, problem-solving, memory, sensory and language processing, motor skills, and emotional regulation.

It is often recommended as part of a treatment plan for conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorder, concussion, stroke, aphasia, or multiple sclerosis.

How Does ILS Work?

The brain is the control center of the nervous system. It interprets external sensory input like what we see or what we hear, and decides how to respond. Sometimes those decisions are maladaptive – a misunderstanding that is not helpful. Integrated Listening Systems programs use a phased approach to teach the brain to process information differently, so it can respond more appropriately.

ILS uses different frequencies of sound, different vibrations, different patterns, and different body movements to reset the neurophysiological foundation for sensory processing. It then introduces more complex thought processes.

The Safe And Sound Protocol™ is a calming program that is often used first for those with auditory sensitivities or experiencing high levels of stress, especially related to trauma, autism, or anxiety.

The Focus™ System is a multi-sensory program combining auditory, balance and visual exercises to improve sensory processing and body organization, attention and learning , cognitive efficiency and memory.

VoicePro™ is used to train the ear and the brain to understand and process sound more efficiently and accurately. It improves auditory processing skills. articulation, awareness of individual sounds in words, auditory memory, attention to words in a noisy environment, and understanding different sounds in each ear. 

These programs can be customized to focus on specific skills.

How Long Does ILS Take?

While the brain is resilient and capable of relearning, it takes repetition to convince the brain that the new way is the permanent way. Since each patient and condition are different, the treatment plan will differ too. Generally speaking though, ILS sessions are about 45 minutes in length, and are recommended two to five times per week for two to six months. 

Who Provides ILS?

In most cases, it will be an occupational therapist who will work with you using the ILS programs. Since ILS is often used in combination with other therapies though, a physiotherapist  or speech therapist may also be involved.

Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) is a fun and effective methodology! To find out more, contact us and book your initial consultation.


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