Company Culture

We believe in a client directed experience. We listen to our client’s challenges, and let their goals guide our plan for treatment.

We once created a mock airplane interior for a client that was planning a big trip, and wanted to practice walking to his seat.


Everything we do is informed by our study of neuroplasticity—the brain’s amazing ability to grow, adapt and learn. This reality is what makes us hopeful, motivated and relentless in our treatment. We never settle. We’re constantly testing new treatments, learning new techniques and finding new systems and environments to overcome our client’s challenges.

Team Based

We collaborate, we share information and learnings, and we support each other. We’ve learned that no one person has all the answers, and so we have developed a culture of collaboration and mentorship. Everyone, no matter how long they’ve been in their respective field, can learn or share something new with the rest of the team.