ABI 4 Pillar Program (Concussion)

The ABI 4 Pillar Program is a revolutionary form of concussion treatment. It’s designed for patients age 8 to the end of life. We’re proud to be the only clinic in B.C. licensed to use this new pathway to brain injury recovery. This interdisciplinary program is built on four-pillars:

  • Cognitive Rehabilitation for Concussion.
  • Aerobic Exercise.
  • Guided Mindfulness Exercises.
  • One-to-One Clinical Counseling.

We understand how overwhelming it can be trying to follow an integrated care plan on your own. ABI has a proven model of working with individuals with chronic cases of ABI and TBI across the mild to moderate severity spectrum. It gives you adequate support, effective care tracking, and expertise to manage at home. Our primary goal is improving your quality of life and we’re seeing great results. The ABI program focuses on changing the brain to improve higher order cognitive and related behavioural functions during the post-acute phase of recovery. Researchers at the University of British Columbia’s Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health have studied the impact of the program using patients that live with traumatic brain injuries. The preliminary results revealed that the brain has an incredible capacity to change, adapt and grow through interdisciplinary programs that offer intervention and stimulation of existing cognitive functions.