Our Services

  • Team-Based Traditional Therapy

    All of our therapists are experienced and have extensive additional training to meet the needs of children or adults with neurological challenges. We are pleased to offer periodic therapy and consultation to a variety of children and adults with neurological based challenges. Click on the photo to find out more about the equipment we have and what our services include.
  • Therasuit

    TheraSuit is an intensive physiotherapy/exercise program that accelerates functional progress through the use of individualized strengthening program as well as functional skills practice. The TheraSuit helps to facilitate more normal movement through a series of bungee like cords attached to a canvas suit. The TheraSuit is part of the TheraSuit Method, an intensive physical therapy/exercise program. The TheraSuit accelerates functional progress. TheraSuit’s effectiveness has been demonstrated to date by the dramatic progress of hundreds of children and adults.
  • Custom Braces

    We provide a variety of custom foot and arm braces, including Cascade DAFO foot orthotics. We are also proud to offer home and/or school consultations, and aim to provide the most comfort and function possible for each of our clients.
  • Constraint Therapy

    Constraint induced movement therapy is an evidenced based treatment approach to get more functional movement in an arm after a stroke or other neurological injury involving one side of the body. The therapy will encourage the use of an affected arm by restraining the unaffected side along with intensive and goal-directed treatment. Contact us today to see if you or your child is eligible for this kind of treatment.
  • ReJoyce Therapy

    Rejoyce is an upper extremity rehabilitation workstation for use in either a clinic or at a patient's home. Featuring a range of exercise games with adjustable difficulty levels and a standardized hand and arm function test, ReJoyce is designed for both rehabilitation of tasks of daily living, fitness training, and client performance measurement.
  • Saebo Arm Training

    Saebo is an innovative product line providing a family of neurological rehabilitation products, offering hope and help to many stroke survivors. We have Saebo trained therapists at our facility, and would love to speak to you today about setting up a free initial consultation to see if this service is right for you.
  • Cogmed

    Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based program for helping children, adolescents, and adults sustainably improve attention by training their working memory. The program is based on strong scientific research, is delivered under the supervision of a Cogmed Qualified Coach, and can be done either in the convenience of the client’s home or at a designated healthcare facility.
  • Bioness

    Abilities is excited to be the first Bioness trained facility in Canada. We look forward to sharing this technology with our current and new clients. The L300 and H200 is used for select clients during regular physiotherapy in our clinic, and we are extremely pleased with the results.
  • Post Concussion Management

    At the Abilities Concussion Clinic we provide multidisciplinary assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of concussion/mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and post-concussive syndrome in children, teens, adults and seniors.
  • Surrey Voice Clinic

    Our voice is one of our most valuable assets. People know and recognize us by the sound of our voice. We know when friends are happy, excited, angry or tired based on the sound of their voice. We are comforted by familiar voices. A change in your voice can effect your job, your family, your health, and your ability to communicate.